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Construction Services

We offer a full and complete range of planning and construction services, tailored exactly to each client's needs. 

Included are: Initial Conceptual Review - Site Visit - Architectural Design - Planning & Estimating - Consultation - Nationwide Consultation

International Site Technician - Assistance In Procuring Full & Complete Construction - Annual Site Visit - Financial Assistance.  

Brief services summaries are noted below      

Initial Conceptual Review:

An initial call or appointment with our clients, to determine the nature of their request,

along with an analysis and recommendation of products and services that can best serve the client's needs.

Site Visit:

Another important initial item is the visiting of the site.  Planning of the location of the house, the road, the services in,

orientation of the house, elevation of the house out of grade, and other criteria that are all relevant to the project.

Architectural Design: 

All projects must have working blue prints in order to satisfy a number of requirements. 

In addition to defining the architectural features, spatial areas, and certain structural engineering elements, a blue print allows the client,

all related sub trades, material suppliers, general contractor, permit departments, lending institutions and all others involved

to have an approved and legal documentation of the project.  Good working drawings are a key element in the success of any project. 

If design is needed, we can supply from initial conceptual drawings to full working blueprints. 

You may also refer to our Architectural Design Services page located on this web site.

Planning & Estimating:

Once prints are complete, most clients require a mortgage. 

All clients want an accurate projection or agreed price for their project,

for any agreed purchase of materials, labor or any other services. 

This is another service we offer, including the assembly of the paperwork presentation for the client, the lender, and the appraiser. 

Nationwide Consultation: 

We have participated with clients, architects, and other builders to provide a supply of information, on site interface

and ongoing professional consultation for the benefit of anyone who may need such services. 

It can be on an "as needed" basis, or scheduled at regular appointment times. 

This is especially popular and affordable for our "owner built" clients, greatly reducing construction costs.  View Owner Built Program.

International Site Technician:

With our building technician capability, we can provide a qualified person to accompany the delivery of our building package.

We can then provide all of the necessary technical assistance that a qualified local builder or building crew may need to properly assemble

and install any of our building packages.  This program keeps costs lower, while still insuring that installations are all properly performed.

Quad-Lock ICF Foundations & Building Systems - Metal Roofs and Buildings: 

With the purchase of our various packages, we also offer peripheral products for each project. 

Quad-Lock Foundations: White Eagle offers Quad-Lock foundations for our projects, along with other Quad-Lock building systems. 

To learn more visit Quad-Lock ICF.

Metal Roofs and Buildings: White Eagle offers standing seam metal roofs and post frame buildings, also referred to as "pole barns". 

To learn more visit Metal Roofs and Buildings.

Assistance In Procuring Full & Complete Construction: 

We offer assistance in procuring construction services ranging from "weather tight" shell installations to 100% complete projects.

Planning for the project includes an initial meeting and conceptual review, followed by a site visit, project decisions and design work and cost structuring.

When this initial planning stage is completed, the project is then ready to move forward to construction procurement. 

Annual Site Visit: 

White Eagle can provide an annual visit to your home, to inspect and ensure that everything is performing exactly as it was designed to do. 

This can be especially beneficial for our handcrafted customers, due to the occasional adjustment of settlers after the initial completion of the project,

but also of special benefit to all who enjoy the peace of mind and security of ongoing professional monitoring and care.

Financial Assistance:

We offer a network of lenders, specializing in construction and permanent finance of log and timber framed homes. 

We can now help our clients obtain financing in all 50 states, and we will soon be introducing our new 50 State Finance Plan on this web site. 

One of the lenders we work with can also be reached from this web site.  Please visit: Finance.


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