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Custom Craft Plan Series

Our newest addition to our plans galleries includes 25 of our favorite RCM Series residential designs, ranging from 826 - 15,281 square foot in size.

This design collection has been specially selected for applications employing large log profiles offered in our Pioneer Custom Craft Log option.

A printable "booklet" of 32 pages is offered below, including all 25 plans and other pertinent information.

Commercial Applications

The featured plans gallery below is devoted to residential application. 

In addition, we also offer a professional design/build service for exceptional log or timber based commercial projects.

This includes applications such as resort developments, restaurants, lodges, club houses, water park inns, villages, sporting goods stores and more.

Capability includes a huge ready supply of timber and milling capability for any sized project.  Installation coverage is nationwide in the United States.

 - Plan Series -


Click On Any Image Below To Enlarge.  Note: These Files Are High Resolution For Excellent Detail & Printing, Download Times May Vary.


Custom Craft Plans

Page 1-Front Cover

Table Of Contents

Page 2

Custom Craft Photos

Page 3

Plans Directory

Page 4

The Log Chalet

Page 9

The Aspen Meadow

Page 10

The Malta

Page 11

The Gilmore

Page 12

The Saskatoon

Page 17

The Arrowhead

Page 18

The White Peake

Page 19

The Cloudcroft

Page 20

The Barry

Page 25

The Temecula

Page 26

The Nantahala

Page 27

The Camden Farms

Page 28

The Rancher

Page 5

The Outback

Page 6

The Log Nest

Page 7

The Dovetail

Page 8

The Flight

Page 13

The Pine Mountain

Page 14

The Granite Falls

Page 15

The Ridgecrest

Page 16

The Snoqualmie Pass

Page 21

The Louise Lake

Page 22

The Kamloops

Page 23

The Oklahoma

Page 24

The Hawkeye

Page 29

Package Selections

Page 30

Package Contents

Page 31

Custom Craft Plans

Page 32-Rear Cover


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PDF - Part 1, Pages 1-16          PDF - Part 2, Pages 17-32

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Plans featured in the RCM CAD Design Series on this web site are ideal for construction utilizing round profile

 Swedish cope saddle notched log work, as well as Mountain Hewn dovetail logs or saddle notched D-logs.

To learn more about our Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series options, visit Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series.


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