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If your thought that financing a log or timber framed home or commercial project was going to be difficult, you may have old information. 

A few decades back that was too often the case, and mostly due to the lack of comparable structures and the resulting frustration and dilemma. 

Now, with thousands of projects completed throughout continental USA, the modern finance lender recognizes today's market place

and the great popularity of our log and timber framed homes.  Great appreciation in value, high energy performance, long lasting structural design,

exceptional beauty and curb appeal, and many more factors all help to make today's homes a great investment for many generations to come.

We have worked with a considerable number of banks and lending institutions over the past years, and have established a reputation

as a supplier of quality manufactured, handcrafted, and timber framed materials and in many instances, the labor services also required

to properly construct the project.  We can also work with your hometown lender if you prefer.

We are happy to announce that we have established a good working partnership with two excellent lenders.

Customers may contact American Log Mortgage of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, or contact Citizens Bank of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.

American Log Mortgage

3840 Hempland Road - Mountville, PA 17554

John Wettig

Email John Wettig:

Phone: 877.226.5242 or 800.901.LOGS (5647)

Web site:

Citizens Bank

117 Woodview Drive - Orwigsburg, PA 17961

Trish Bryan or Bill Bryan

Email Trish Bryan:

Phone: 877.366.2788 or 570.366.0700

Web site:

* Of special note for qualified borrowers, Citizens Bank offers one time-close-construction-permanent loans in 18 states, and including:

Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,

New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

For qualified borrowers, Citizens Bank also offers permanent finance in all 50 states.

 * Here Are Highlights of Citizens Bank Current Promotion *

*20% Down Of The Appraised Value - Land Equity Counts Towards The 20% Down

* Buyers With 680 Credit Scores

* Close in 45 - 60 days

* Rates will be held for 12 MONTHS

* HOME-to-HOME Programs for people who own a home and want to start construction before their current home is sold.

* Mortgage amounts up to $2,000,000.

* Assistance is available on weekends as well.  Just call Trish or Bill Bryan at 877.366.2788 or 570.366.0700 to get started. 

 Trish and Bill help make financing a log home easy! 

For further assistance from White Eagle Building Systems,

Call 812.246.1444, or email us:

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3) enter your annual interest rate 4) enter the number of years on your loan term, and then 5) click on the calculate button. 

The Results block will reflect your: 1) mortgage principle 2) your total of payments, and 3) your monthly payment.

You can reset the calculator for different loan terms and recalculation. 

 You can reset the calculator for different loan terms and recalculation.  Note: Property taxes, home and/or mortgage insurance, and any fees or closing costs on a mortgage loan are generally separate items or costs, and in addition to the essential mortgage payment amount.


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