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The Gift In The Lens

- In The Spotlight -

We have enjoyed building this web site over the past several years.  Our goal was to provide a truly

beneficial web source for viewers interested in the types of homes and product lines White Eagle offers. 

A focus has been to provide ample selections of well designed home plans, feature pictorials of various

residential or commercial projects, and offer related resource materials and articles of interest and value. 

Currently "In The Spotlight" below, a few favorites on this web site are noted,

with the page name, a brief description of page contents, and the links to the web pages.

              The Gift In The Lens: A sampling of the prints offered by W. P. Branham Jr.,

              artist and professional photographer.  A link to W. P. Branham Jr.'s web site is included.

              The Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series: Saddle notched & Swedish cope logs, plus other popular large log profiles.    

              Available in large sizes to 18" Diameter, and in lengths up to 60'.  Top quality TPI graded materials, and always affordable.

              The Pioneer Custom Craft Plan Series: A selection of 25 of our favorite RCM CAD plans, well suited for construction

              utilizing large log profiles offered in our Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series option.  A 32 pages booklet is offered. 

              In The Woods: An account of an Arkansas couple who have designed and built a very nice handcrafted log home,

              along with another handcrafted log home very nearby for the owner's mother.  What a special gift indeed!

              Go Green Systems: A small concise section on the rather extensive effort that we have made for several decades,

              as we have designed and built some of the most attractive, energy efficient and eco-friendly homes possible.

              Timber Framed Photos 3:  A pictorial gallery of The Eagle Creek, a beautiful timber framed home built

              in Southern Indiana, and one of the all time favorite plans offered in our White Eagle Series of designs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!


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